HIV test Norrköping

Our clinic is centrally but discreetly located at Teatergatan 3, by “Stadsteatern” in Norrköping.

If you want to book your HIV test, it is done completely anonymously and you get a booking ID that you take with you when you come to your visit. The last 4 digits of the ID number are what you use during your appointment.

If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so via email, phone or chat.

Book test

You can easily and completely anonymously book your HIV test here.


If you want to come to the drop-in clinic, you can see the dates and times we are open in Norrköping below:

Wednesdays 17:30-19:30

  • Week 2: January 10 – Birgitta, Kerstin, Abdulkadir
  • Week 4: January 24 – Jane, Kerstin, Abdulkadir
  • Week 6: February 7 – Birgitta, Jane, Kerstin
  • Week 8: February 21 – Kerstin, Birgitta, Katja
  • Week 10: March 6 – Jane, Birgitta, Abdulkadir
  • Week 12: March 20 – Jane, Kerstin, Abdulkadir
  • Week 15: April 10 – Kerstin, Birgitta, Katja
  • Week 17: April 24 – Jane, Birgitta, Abdulkadir
  • Week 18: May 1 – Kerstin, Jane, Abdulkadir
  • Week 21: May 22 – Birgitta, Kerstin, Katja
  • Week 24: June 12 – Kerstin, Jane, Katja
  • Week 26: June 26 – Jane, Kerstin, Abdulkadir
Noaks Ark Östergötland

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Reliable answers about HIV

You can turn to our counseling and ask any questions you want regarding HIV or other sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases and remain completely anonymous. The call is not registered on your phone bill.

We who answer the phones have over 30 years of experience working with HIV. We are available for you on non-holiday weekdays between 10 am and 12 pm. During week 29 and week 30, we are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.