Noaks Ark was formed already in 1986, in the middle of the reality where HIV existed. Among HIV-positive and AIDS-afflicted people, relatives, and committed people who wanted to make a difference. The first premises intended for the new organization were located in Noe Ark’s alley at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Hence the name.

As the healthcare system found it difficult to meet the needs created by HIV, Noaks Ark became an important platform for support for HIV-positive people and their relatives. Early on, knowledge was also integrated as an important tool against HIV. Noaks Ark began to educate the public, healthcare professionals, and other professional groups, to increase knowledge about HIV and thus counteract prejudices surrounding HIV and discrimination against people living with HIV.

In March 1987, Noaks Ark founded Aidsjouren (now Noaks Ark Direct) and opened its 020 number. On 19 telephone lines, questions and concerns were answered by specially trained volunteers.

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In 1989, a guest home opened its doors in Stockholm for those who were too ill to manage at home but still too healthy to be cared for in a hospital. When the anti-retroviral drugs came along, most people living with HIV began to feel much better. Over time, the guesthouse was no longer needed and was closed in 2002.

From 2009, Noaks Ark was able to offer quick answer HIV tests.

Noaks Ark was founded in Malmö in 1987, in Helsingborg in 1989, in Växjö in 1993, in Gävle in 1995, in Luleå in 2001 and most recently in Östergötland in 2008. Noaks Ark in Malmö and Helsingborg became Noaks Ark Skåne in 2008, which later took the name Noaks Ark Syd. Since spring 2017, Noaks Ark Syd does not exist. In 2019, Noaks Ark Mosaik was started, based in Malmö. The association was founded in Gothenburg for the first time in 1987 when the HIV epidemic began to leave its mark in Sweden. In January 2018, the association in Gothenburg underwent a major change with new statutes, a new board, and a new staff.

We have gathered knowledge and experience for over three decades in one and the same organization. We have been involved both locally and globally.

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Riksförbundet Noaks Ark

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You can turn to our counseling and ask any questions you want regarding HIV or other sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases and remain completely anonymous. The call is not registered on your phone bill.

We who answer the phones have over 30 years of experience working with HIV. We are available for you on non-holiday weekdays between 10 am and 12 pm. During week 29 and week 30, we are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.