Noaks Ark

Noaks Ark blev Sveriges första organisation för att förebygga hiv och att stödja sjuka och deras närmaste. Ända sedan starten 1986 har vi arbetat mitt i den verklighet där hiv finns och under årens lopp har en ojämförlig kunskap och erfarenhet samlats under ett och samma tak.

Vi samlar ett nätverk av regionalt verksamma Noaks Ark-föreningar i Sverige som erbjuder aktiviteter och stöd i olika former för den som lever med hiv eller är närstående. Tillsammans arbetar vi förebyggande mot hiv och andra sexuellt överförda infektioner och genom informations- och utbildningsinsatser vill vi bidra till ökad kunskap och medvetenhet om hiv. Flera av våra Noaks Ark-föreningar erbjuder hivtest med snabbsvar.




Welcome to Noah’s Ark

Regardless of whether you want to know more about HIV as a private person or in your professional life, or want to get help and support, take HIV test, meet others in similar situations or just experience a safe environment – we are here for you.

For three decades, we have gathered knowledge and experience in our organization and have been committed and involved both locally and globally. Ever since the beginning in 1986, the work has developed together with people living with HIV and their relatives and integrated support with knowledge.

We contribute to the prevention of HIV and other blood-borne and sexually transmittable infections.

We work towards an improved welfare for HIV-positive and family members.

We provide HIV testing, individual counseling and psychotherapy.

We provide a substantial selection of social activities.

We provide training, hold lectures at workplaces, schools and universities, distribute information as well as run the national telephone hotline in Sweden, “Noaks Ark Direkt”.

Through information and public opinion, we work towards raising awareness of HIV and reducing the social vulnerability of HIV-positive individuals. Noah’s Ark takes pride in working with evidence-based methods. Our activities rely on a cognitive perspective that is the foundation for both our preventative and supportive efforts. We specialize in HIV-oriented cognitive psychotherapy for HIV-positive and those with high vulnerability to HIV infection. We work with cognitive methods, often using elements of affect theory.

Do you have questions about HIV or other sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases?
Call Noaks Ark Direkt 020-78 44 40. The call is free of charge and you can be anonymous. The call will not be registered at your telephone bill, if you call us from within Sweden. If you call from abroad, the number is +46 771 78 44 40. (Your call will then be charged from your telephone company.) You can also send your questions to

We are currently updating information about HIV in other languages.