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At Noaks Ark Östergötland, you can take an HIV test and get an answer in 20 minutes.

You can come and get tested regardless of gender, age, or “degree” of risk behavior. You can remain anonymous, and the HIV test is free.

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How the test is done:

The test is taken with a capillary blood test, after which blood is collected and then placed on a test strip. After 20 minutes, the test result can be read. While waiting for the answer, we have time for conversation and questions.

Early diagnosis is important

It is important to find out early if you have HIV because it provides the opportunity for better care and treatment. It also contributes to reduced spread of infection. With us, you can get tested for HIV easily, discreetly and free of charge. At our reception, experienced staff are on hand for conversations and support. Noaks Ark will never refuse anyone to get a HIV test, regardless of gender, age, level of risk behavior or whether the person belongs to a group more likely to get HIV or not.

Our tests

We use rapid result tests, which means a finger-prick and you get your answer within 20 minutes. The tests we use – Abbot Determine HIV Early Detect – are approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency and have the same reliability as the tests that are taken by drawing blood from a vein and analyzed in a laboratory.

Can I take a test immediately after risk?

The rapid result test we use reacts to antibodies against HIV, which in the vast majority of people can be detected between three and six weeks after infection. According to the Swedish healthcare system, there is a guideline of eight weeks. Because the body can need eight weeks to develop the antibodies, this time must have passed between the moment you exposed yourself for the risk and the test. This, for the greatest possible accuracy. (for laboratory based combination tests the guideline is six weeks.). We do not think that this should be interpreted as that you have to wait so long after the time of risk to get tested. We recommend early testing, even if you may need to take a supplemented test after the recommended period of time.

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Reliable answers about HIV

You can turn to our counseling and ask any questions you want regarding HIV or other sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases and remain completely anonymous. The call is not registered on your phone bill.

We who answer the phones have over 30 years of experience working with HIV. We are available for you on non-holiday weekdays between 10 am and 12 pm. During week 29 and week 30, we are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.