Girl Up

About the project

Girl Up is a project financed by the Västra Götaland region and offers health-promoting information efforts in sexual and reproductive health and girls’ rights for young newly arrived girls

Things that are discussed: anatomy, female and male genitalia, female genital mutilation, Swedish laws and regulations linked to the Swedish norm and value system, contraceptives and condom knowledge, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and information on different types of help available.

We have educated Girl Up informants through the project; girls with different cultural backgrounds who themselves have experienced the integration process in Sweden. These informants will in turn lecture about SRHR to young newly arrived girls. By increasing knowledge about SRHR and providing information about Swedish laws and regulations linked to Swedish society, through the Girl Up project we want to work preventively around sexual risk behavior and violence in close relationships and increase knowledge about men’s violence against women. With the project, we intend to strengthen girls’ self-esteem and position in society.


  • Spread knowledge about sexual and reproductive health and rights of young newly arrived girls.  
  • Spread knowledge about Swedish laws and regulations linked to Swedish society with its norm and value system
  • Spread knowledge about HIV/STI and increased knowledge about what it is like to live with HIV to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV
  • Promote sexual, physical, and mental health
Noaks Ark Göteborg & Västra Götaland - Girl Up

Further development

The project is three years long and when the project is finished, it will be integrated with ordinary activities with a focus knowledge-raising work in order to reach migrant groups in particular.

Our Girl Up informants will continue to be available to be booked into lectures, workshops and other knowledge-raising activities.

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