Familjearken – A Community for children and families living with HIV

Familjearken was a project financed by Arvsfonden between 2016 and 2019. Today Familjearken is a community at Noaks Ark Stockholm where all children and families living with HIV are welcome.

Our vision is that all children living with HIV or in families living with HIV should have equal rights in society. We work to strengthen children and families living with HIV through education and community-building activities for the whole family. We believe this could be a valuable way for you and your family to develop together.


We have a longstanding collaboration with Barnhivcentrum (Children’s HIV Center) at Karolinska University Hospital and other professionals to offer children and families suitable support.

Education and emotional support

In Familjearken’s educations discuss issues like how life can be living with HIV and more importantly about being a parent. We address issues related to HIV and offer tools that can help you handle your own thoughts and feelings like, how to handle stigma, how to deal with other people’s reactions, and other HIV -related issues. Our educational activities are primarily offered during our family camps

Relationship-building activities

At Familjearken we use playful relationship-building activities as a tool to communicate with children and to foster feelings of safety, trust, and community among families living with HIV. We have found our method is a child-friendly way of addressing both children’s and the whole family’s emotional and supportive needs.

Meaningful activities

We also offer excursions to museums, animal parks, and adventure parks to strengthen children and family’s sense of community. According to parents who have participated in Familjearken’s activities, our excursions have “stimulated activities outside of Familjearken.”

Do you want more information?

Please contact Hebbah Elgindy-Johnsson