Volontär hos Noaks Ark Småland & Halland

Noaks Ark Småland & Halland is looking for volunteers!

Do you want to get involved in volunteer organization?
You can help reduce stigma and discrimination!

We are looking for volunteers for our organization. As a volunteer, you engage in the betterment of your community. There are several interesting opportunities for volunteering in the association. Volunteering at Noaks Ark Småland & Halland gives you extended knowledge of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Experiences that can be an asset for you in the job market. An association with an organization like Noaks Ark is a highlight in your CV for job applications. Evaluation from volunteers shows that partaking in our organization gives a sense of self-worth, is enriching in new knowledge and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Your humanity makes a difference. We stand for your volunteer training and provide you with continuous guidance in your work with us.

Basic requirements for volunteers:

  • Undergo a basic education in sexual and reproductive health for volunteers
  • Interview with Operations Manager
  • Background check
  • Agreement on confidentiality
  • Test period of 6 months

What do you want to do? What experiences and skills do you have that you want to contribute to the development of the association? There are a number of possible assignments that you can do as volunteer at Noaks Ark Småland & Halland. Together, we can come up with a volunteering that suits you. Examples of assignments can be found here.


As an educator, you talk about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HBTQ to different target groups.

Examples of target groups you can meet:

  • Personnel in healthcare and welfare
  • Students and staff at middle and high schools
  • Youth and personnel at HVB homes (residential care for youth)

As a volunteer, you are an important representative of the association. You are our face outward. You have a key role in spreading knowledge about our topics and reducing stigma and discrimination. As an educator, it is good if you have genuine interest in HIV, STI, HBTQ, and SRHR issues; are comfortable talking to larger groups; have experience lecturing, conducting group discussions or something similar is valuable. It is an advantage if you have an interest in educational issues and conveying information to people. As an educator, you plan, implement and evaluate various activities, such as lectures, courses, fairs and information tables.

Host at the test reception

As a host at the test reception, you prepare the test rooms and waiting room as well as welcome people who arrive at the test reception when we are open on Mondays from 5 pm to 8 pm. After closing, you will return the rooms as they were. Another task in the host role is to hand out self-sampling tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea. In your work as a host, you are important in your treatment of visitors. You make visitors feel welcome and well looked after when they visit us. You have a central role in the test team as it is you who makes sure that the work at the test reception is flowing. You are the coordinator in place. This role suits those studying at university and high school as you can combine this on-site task with your studies.

Volunteer in support activities

Here you engage in the psychosocial support activities for people living with HIV and their close ones. In this activity you will help in practical tasks, psychosocial activities, conversations and other issues that may arise. As a volunteer in support activities, we wish you to have a background in or are currently studying to be a social worker, educator, psychologist, therapist, nurse, doctor or other in healthcare and welfare. In this part of the organization we are asked several times about issues of a legal nature, so we would like to see volunteers with experience and competence of law. In your role, you make a difference in our support activities. Evaluation from volunteers shows that involvement in support activities provides a sense of self worth, meaningfulness, knowledge and valuable experience of meeting people living with HIV, from different cultures and backgrounds. Your humanity makes a difference!

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