HIV test


At Noaks Ark Småland & Halland you can take an HIV test and get results within 15 minutes.
Our office is centrally located at Kungsgatan 15 B in Växjö. We are open for drop in on Mondays from 5 pm to 8 pm. The HIV test is both anonymous and free!

At our facility you can pick up a free self-sampling kit of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

To you as a visitor to Noaks Ark Småland & Halland

Everyone should pay attention to symtoms of COVID-19. If you suspect that you have COVID-19, please do not enter or visit the premises.

If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you should take prescautions to avoid infection yourself and to avoid spreading COVID-19. Therefore, you should keep distance to other people

How the HIV test works

The test works by pricking the finger and smearing some blood drops on the test strip. The results will be ready after 15 minutes. While we wait for the results we have time for questions and concerns.

Early detection is important

It’s important to know if you have HIV early as it increases your chance of better care and treatment. It also limits the chance of spreading the infection. Testing yourself at Noaks Ark is simple, discreet, and free. You will meet experienced staff available for conversation and support about your concern and anxiety. Noaks Ark never denies a test to someone, regardless of sex, age, “degree” of risky behavior, or if the person is part of a risk group or not.

Our tests

We use a so called rapid test, which means a prick of the finger and you get your answer within 15 minutes. The tests that we use – Alere Determine HIV-1/2 – is approved by the medical products agency (Läkemedelverket) and has the same reliability as the tests taken in the crook of the elbow and analyzed in a laboratory

Can i test myself directly after a risky encounter?

The rapid test we use reacts to antibodies against hiv, which for the majority of people can be detected between three to six weeks after infection. In the Swedish health care system the guideline is to wait eight weeks to rule out HIV 1 and twelve weeks to rule out HIV 2. (Six weeks in the laboratory-based combination tests). We recommend early testing even if the test may need to be supplemented by a later test. That way you will have the opportunity to talk about your concerns and risk situation and see how the test works.

Do you have questions about HIV or HIV testing?

Call Noaks Ark Direct 020-78 44 40, anonymous and free of charge.
It will not appear on your phone bill that you have called.
Or call Noaks Ark Småland & Halland, 0470-193 81.


Mondays at 5 pm to 8 pm

Kungsgatan 15 B, Växjö. Find us

0470-193 81

The test team


Elli Mokus, operations manager and CBT therapist

Farhad Khaghani, operations manager and CBT therapist

Inger Fransson, registered nurse

Jonas Lundborg, attendant nurse and sexologists

Ann-Louise Breider, registered nurse

Maria Erensjö, registered nurse and midwife

Viktoria Carlsson, registered nurse

Anders Pettersson, registered nurse

Anette Gruvhagen, registered nurse and midwife

Medical Officer

Consultant Kristofer Lundgren Soldan, Region Kronoberg

Host / Hostess

Ebba Karlsson

Emmy Dufvenberg

Elvira Evysdotter

Julia Rosenblad

Maja Nilsson

Oliver Holst

Rebecca Gladh

Tilda Johansson

Vanda Mokus Ericsson

Ylva Johansson