Families and children


Noaks Ark Småland & Halland offers support and dialogue to families that have someone living with HIV (parents and/or children). Psychosocial activities are organized during a number of occasions during the year.

We offer:

Family support

Noaks Ark offers a variety of support to families that have someone living with HIV. It can include practical help, information, advice, counseling, or psychotherapy.


If you are a parent and have HIV, you can contact us if you want support in your parenting role, or if you want help in talking to your child about HIV. You can also get in touch with other parents in similar situations.


If you have a parent with HIV and need information, advice, support or just need to talk about your situation, please feel free to contact us.


If you are young and have HIV and want support or psychotherapy, please let us know. You may want to talk about sex, relationships, or your life situation where HIV is included as part.

Siblings / friend

Even those of you with siblings or friends that have HIV can turn to us. You can get knowledge about how HIV is transmitted and not transmitted. You can also get answers to other questions and concerns.

Other family activities

Together with families we make an excursion every year. At Christmas time, we gather for a Christmas feast.

For more information contact:

Elli Mokus, 070-55 193 81, elli.mokus(at)noaksark.org
Farhad Khaghani, 070-315 17 67, farhad(at)noaksark.org