The association’s preventive work involves education and spreading information about HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STI), sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and social aspects. Knowledge about HIV, STI, SRHR and social aspects is important in reducing stigmatization and discrimination against those living with HIV. Preventive work is conducted in several perspectives, sex- and social perspective, cultural perspective, gender- and gender equality perspective.

We offer:

  • Lectures
  • Training
  • Continual education
  • Guidance
  • Information table
  • Study visits

We turn to various groups and individuals, those living with HIV and different professions that come in contact with HIV, STI and SRHR issues in their work. In our information and education work, we come in contact with different target populations.

Some examples of the target populations we meet:

  • Personnel in healthcare and welfare
  • Students and staff at middle and high schools
  • Students and staff at universities
  • Youth and staff at HVB homes (residential care for youth)
  • Different authorities ex. Insurance Office, Migration Board and Social Services

Training method
A central part of our education is treatment. We train methods, counseling and intercultural communication to reach different target groups with information about ”sensitive” questions and topics.

Dependent on you
We base our education on wishes, needs and target groups. Everyone at Noak Ark works under confidentiality.

Book us

If you would like to book us for any of the above or have questions, please contact us via,
info.smaland(at), 0470-193 81