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Going On

Going on at Noaks Ark Småland & Halland

May 19 – June 3, Vernissage

The Department of Design at Linnaeus University organizes a vernissage. The exhibition presents a wide range of 33 projects from the International Design + Change programs, Visual Communication + Change and Design MA, which tackle complex issues regarding sustainability.

Read more about the protection issue through invitation link


May-meeting Therapy group for women

In May, a meeting for the Women’s Therapy Group is scheduled. Anna Ingvarsson, a certified dietitian and working at the Primary Care Health Unit in Växjö, comes to visit us. Anna will talk about diet and health. For more information about the day, contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.

Da Vinci exhibition

Join us on a guided tour of the Da Vinci Inventions exhibition at Kalmar Castle. Leonardo Da Vinci was inventor, artist, naturalist, mathematician, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect. The exhibition is one of the biggest made about him and contains many examples of his machine designs and animations of his most famous works. After the tour, we eat dinner together. For more information about the evening, contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.

Steamboat trip on Lagan

Join us on a boat trip in the 100 year old steamboat S/S Lagaholm. It is a 3.5 hour long journey along Lagans beaches. It offers beautiful scenery and scenery and there is a chance to see the seal. During the trip lunch will be served. For more information about the day, contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.

Knowledge Forum – Empowerment, Common Power and Strength

We go off to the Knowledge Forum to hang out and have three learning days together. The purpose is to strengthen each other, gain knowledge, relax and feel good. There will be selectable workshops during the days. For those who have children, there are children’s leaders in place to enable parents to participate in activities. For more information contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.


Follow us to the theme park Liseberg. At Liseberg you will find everything from magic carousels and rides to the whole family to a nice garden park with a cozy atmosphere. For those who want to ride a carousel is offered a racecourse. The day can also be spent walking around the park, swimming and just hanging out. We will have lunch at one of Liseberg’s restaurants, either jointly or individually. For more information contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.

October 15, Legal advice

Monday, October 15, we offer legal advice with Attorney Åsa Cronberg from Din Advokat.
Book time with Elli Mokus at 070-551 93 81.



HIV test with rapid response and/or pickup a free kit for self-sampling of Chlamydia
Drop-in Mondays at 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Kungsgatan 15 B, Växjö
More information about our test reception can be found here