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Going On

Going on at Noaks Ark Småland & Halland

Knowledge Forum – Empowerment, Common Power and Strength

We go off to the Knowledge Forum to hang out and have three learning days together. The purpose is to strengthen each other, gain knowledge, relax and feel good. There will be selectable workshops during the days. For those who have children, there are children’s leaders in place to enable parents to participate in activities. For more information contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.

July 4th, Seminar Almedalsveckan, How do sex and relationships work in my new country? Young new arrivals get support on the web

How does sex, love and gender equality work in Sweden? How can young new arrivals get the knowledge they are entitled to, get support for processing trauma and learn how to build meaningful relationships in a country with unknown social codes? What can we do to guide young new arrivals in matters of health, sexuality and gender equality? Meet new arrivals who tested the material, al well as us who educate in the questions and us who meet young people at youth receptions and HVB homes. Participate in discussion and workshop on these hot topics. is a popular website aimed for young new arrivals developed by UMO together with MUCF. Come and test the material Youmo in practice that addresses all those who meet newcomers in their profession. Important questions for everyone, but especially for those who work in student health, HVB homes, support housing, as good people, at youth reception, as a leisure and family home.

Time: Wednesday 4 July at. 13.00 – 15.00

Location: Hamngatan 3, Visby

Organizer: Authority for Youth and Civil Affairs


  • Lena Nyberg, generaldirektör, MUCF
  • Farhad Khaghani, verksamhetsansvarig, Noaks Ark Småland & Halland
  • Jessica Sunesson, barnmorska, FSUM, Föreningen för Sveriges Ungdomsmottagningar
  • Lotta Nordh Rubulis, projektledare,
  • Mohammad Rezai, brukare av
  • Roh Petas, utvecklingsledare, MUCF
  • Kristina Ljungros, moderator

More info via the link


Follow us to the theme park Liseberg. At Liseberg you will find everything from magic carousels and rides to the whole family to a nice garden park with a cozy atmosphere. For those who want to ride a carousel is offered a racecourse. The day can also be spent walking around the park, swimming and just hanging out. We will have lunch at one of Liseberg’s restaurants, either jointly or individually. For more information contact Elli, 070-551 93 81.

October 15, Legal advice

Monday, October 15, we offer legal advice with Attorney Åsa Cronberg from Din Advokat.
Book time with Elli Mokus at 070-551 93 81.

October, Call Group for men

The men’s call group meet to speak about guilt and shame. For more information contact Farhad, 070-729 32 78.

November 27, Education – Dare to Care! To meet and respond to people living with HIV

HIV today is not like yesterday. Today, the medical treatment is very effective and contagiousness is very low. Nevertheless, many living with HIV still face fear, prejudices and discrimination – even in healthcare. Welcome to a education day where we get to know the latest scientific findings, and tools for a good response.
The education is a collaboration between Infectious Disease Control, Infection Clinic County Hospital Ryhov, Section Public Health and Noaks Ark Småland & Halland
Time: Tuesday, November 27 at. 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Rosensalen, Rosenlund Health Center, Jönköping
Invitation and notification

November 28, Education – HIV and quality of life – tools for good treatment

The county council in Kalmar and Noaks Ark Småland & Halland invites you to a half-day education about HIV, given on two occasions the same day. The education highlights HIV from a medical and nursing perspective.

Time: Wednesday 28 November at. 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 (same information on both occasions).

Location: County Hospital Kalmar, Epidemin, House 16, Level 2. (On link to Västervik Hospital Hallströmska Room, Level 3. On link to Oskarshamns Hospital: Furön, House 3, Level 3).

Target group: Healthcare staff in the County Council of Kalmar County

Cost: The education is free. The registration is binding but may be transferred to other employees. We offer refreshments!

Application: The application is made to ann-christine.sjolund(at) no later than November 19. In the notification you specify when and where you want to participate, as well as any allergy. The number of seats is limited.

Further information: Questions regarding the education are answered by Ann-Christine Sjölund, Smittskydd Kalmar ann-christine.sjolund(at)



HIV test with rapid response and/or pickup a free kit for self-sampling of Chlamydia
Drop-in Mondays at 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Kungsgatan 15 B, Växjö
More information about our test reception can be found here