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Ever since the start in 1986, we have worked in the reality where HIV exists Incomparable knowledge and experience have been gathered under one roof for more than three decades.  We see how people are affected by HIV and what consequences HIV brings, both in societies and in the everyday life of individuals. Our support activities and experience form an important part of all education and information. The facts we use are based on the latest scientific findings.

HIV is about more than medical information. We also educate about the psychosocial, cultural, and societal ethical issues that HIV presents us with. In workplaces, with in our own premises, at home in areas where issues have piled up, in organizations and among politicians. We also work based on the belief that people with HIV can live a better life with more knowledge about HIV. We know that this also contributes to decrease the spreading of HIV.

Education and information increase awareness of HIV and alleviate the social vulnerability of people living with HIV.

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Noaks Ark has a 90-account, which means that we follow the rules and regulations for collection required by the Swedish Collection Control.

Plusgiro: 90 06 06-5
Bankgiro: 900-6065
Swish: 123-90 06 06 5 (QR-kod till höger)

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Reliable answers about HIV

You can turn to our counseling and ask any questions you want regarding HIV or other sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases and remain completely anonymous. The call is not registered on your phone bill.

We who answer the phones have over 30 years of experience working with HIV. We are available for you on non-holiday weekdays between 10 am and 12 pm. During week 29 and week 30, we are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.