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HIV is a virus that can make you very ill. When you get sick from HIV, you get several diseases. The condition is called AIDS. HIV and AIDS are not the same thing.

Medicines enable you who have HIV to live a long life and feel good.

If you are on HIV medication, you cannot transmit HIV through sex.

A person can get HIV from another person who has HIV. But only if the person with HIV does not take medicine. It is said that HIV is transmitted. It is most common that HIV is transmitted through sex.

HIV can be transmitted when people have sex without a condom. Intercourse is having sex with a penis in the vagina, anus or mouth.

HIV can be transmitted when a man and a woman have sex without a condom. HIV can also be transmitted when two men have sex without a condom.

It is very rare for HIV to be transmitted when women have sex with each other.

HIV can also be transmitted through blood. For example, if you inject drugs into the blood and use the same syringe as someone who has HIV.

You cannot get HIV by getting blood on your skin.

A mother can transmit HIV to her child when she is pregnant, giving birth, or breastfeeding.

You who have HIV can have children who do not have HIV. If you have HIV and are pregnant, you must take medication and see a doctor. Then there is almost no risk of the child getting HIV. HIV can be transmitted through breast milk. The child must therefore not drink breast milk.

Many believe that HIV is transmitted in other ways as well. It’s wrong.

You can kiss and hug whoever you want. You can drink from the same glass as others. You can go to the same toilet as others. Swim in the same pool. Mosquitoes do not transmit HIV.

Condoms protect against HIV. The condom must be on the penis throughout intercourse. If you have intercourse with the penis in the anus, it is good to use both a condom and plenty of lubricant.

If you are on HIV medication, you cannot transmit HIV through sex.

You can take a test to find out if you have HIV. The nurse then takes some blood from the arm or finger. The test is free. Anyone who wants to can test themselves. You may remain anonymous.

It is good to get tested for other sexually transmitted diseases as well. STDs are different diseases that you can get or give when you have sex.

Do you want to ask about HIV or sexually transmitted diseases? Do you want to test yourself? Are you worried?

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