Are you packing your bags for a trip abroad? Feel free to contact your doctor to find out if you should be vaccinated against something. You may also need to supplement your travel pharmacy with the necessary medications. It can also be good to read a little about what you should consider in the country you are traveling to.

Yellow fever vaccine

If you are going to travel to certain countries in Africa or South America, a yellow fever vaccine is required, a vaccine that is not recommended for people living with HIV. If you still want to travel to such a country, you must bring a certificate from your doctor stating why you cannot take the vaccine.

Importation of medicines to another country

The rules for traveling with different types of medicine differ between different countries, even within the EU. The requirements for certificates can also be different.

To find out which rules apply, you should contact the country’s embassy here in Sweden

If you were to be stopped at customs, you must be able to prove that these are your personal medicines, intended for personal use. It is usually easiest to have the medicine in its original packaging with a label with your name on it, or a certificate from your doctor.

Always pack medicines in hand luggage, checked luggage can get lost.

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