For you who are close

For you who are the partner of someone with HIV, a parent, friend, relative, or otherwise affected by HIV – there is always someone to talk to here at Noaks Ark. You can feel safe and know that you will always be met by staff and volunteers with solid expertise, experience, and commitment. Here with us, you get to be who you are, in a safe environment.

Today there are very effective medicines that make it possible to live a good life with HIV. Those who receive treatment do not have to get sick, treated HIV is not contagious. But life changes. You are faced with new questions and decisions, and HIV creates different needs for support. You, who is a close relative, partner, or friend, are one of the most important people for someone living with HIV. But you too may need support. At Noaks Ark you can meet others in the same situation, get help and advice, or just take part in the community.

We offer conversation groups, individual support conversations, and psychotherapy. Our educated psychotherapists have extensive knowledge of HIV and many years of experience in meeting people with HIV, relatives, and people with anxiety or risk behavior.

We organize education in subjects that are important to you and can help you establish contacts to feel good and get on in life.

We have good health care in Sweden today and it is very rare for people to become seriously ill from HIV. However, the situation may be completely different in other parts of the world. You who are grieving someone who died due to HIV can get help to talk about the difficult and incomprehensible.

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Reliable answers about HIV

You can turn to our counseling and ask any questions you want regarding HIV or other sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases and remain completely anonymous. The call is not registered on your phone bill.

We who answer the phones have over 30 years of experience working with HIV. We are available for you on non-holiday weekdays between 10 am and 12 pm. During week 29 and week 30, we are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.