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Om oss

Noah's Ark

National Federation of Noah´s Ark Associations Noah’s Ark (Noaks Ark) is an HIV/AIDS Service Organization that has since the mid-1980’s worked towards limiting the spread of the HIV epidemic and its consequences for individuals and society.

  • We contribute to the prevention of HIV and other blood-borne and sexually transmittable infections.

  • We work towards an improved welfare for HIV-positive and family members.

  • We provide HIV testing, individual counselling and psychotherapy.

  • We provide a substantial selection of social activities.

  • We provide training, hold lectures at workplaces, schools and universities, distribute information as well as run the national telephone hotline in Sweden, “Noaks Ark Direkt”.

Through information and public opinion we work towards raising awareness of HIV and reducing the social vulnerability of HIV-positive individuals. Noah’s Ark takes pride in working with evidence-based methods. Our activities rely on a cognitive perspective that is the foundation for both our preventative and supportive efforts. We specialize in HIV-oriented cognitive psychotherapy for HIV-positive and those with high vulnerability to HIV infection. We work with cognitive methods, often using elements of affect theory.


Do you have questions about HIV?
Call Noaks Ark Direkt 020-78 44 40. The call is free of charge and you can be anonymous. The call will not be registered at your telephone bill, if you call us from within Sweden. If you call from abroad, the number is +46 771 78 44 40. Your call will then be charged from your telephone company.

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